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Black Coppers are the most popular of all the Marans color varieties. They were the first Marans variety accepted to the French standard in 1931. Their contrast of copper and black make these birds appear to be painted with fire!  

Black Copper Males are black in the chest, thighs, lower wings, and tail, contrasted with blazing copper in the hackle and saddle. Legs are slate, with moderate feathering on the outside of the shanks and outer toe. Skin is white. Beak and toes are horn colored. 

Black Copper Females are solid black except for their hackle which is blazing copper. They have moderate feathering on their shanks through the outer toe. Leg color is dark slate. Skin is white. Beak and toes are horn colored.

The full, detailed description for Black Copper Marans is in the American Standard of Perfection which may be purchased here:

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