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Wheatens are one of the most stunning varieties when they are right. The soft colors of light beige and cream in the female’s plumage are compared to the colors of grains of wheat – hence the name “WHEAT-en” Wheaten Marans were first accepted into the US Standard in 2011. 

Wheaten Males have a black chest, body, and thigh, with orange hackles and saddles, Their shoulders are mahogany red. Legs and feet are pinkish-white, moderately feathered on the outer side with black feathers through the outer toe. White-skinned. Creamy horn colored beak. 

Wheaten Females are cream-colored in their chest and thigh. Hackles are reddish beige, with back and wings being a slightly lighter beige.  Legs are pinkish white and moderately feathered in creamy feathers through the outer toe. Beak color is creamy horn.

The full, detailed description for Wheaten Marans is in the American Standard of Perfection which may be purchased here:

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