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National & District Meets

The Marans Club Meets

The Marans Club members are eligible to earn points and awards at all APA sanctioned poultry shows throughout the competition year. Our competition year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30. Any member can request that The Marans Club hold a meet at any open poultry show that is sanctioned by the American Poultry Association. There are four different categories of The Marans Club meets, they are National, District, State, and Special meets. Each meet is categorized as one of these depending on size, importance and the number of Marans and exhibitors. Below are the rules and regulations for The Marans Club meets. We also hold The Marans Mega Meet in Norman Oklahoma each November.

National and District Meets

  • The Marans Club will hold one National Meet annually.

  • There can be up to three District meets held in each individual District each competition year.

  • National Meets must have at least 5 exhibitors with 15 Marans entered.

  • District Meets must have at least 3 exhibitors  9 Marans entered.

State and Special Meets

  • State and Special Meets must have a minimum of 2  exhibitors and 6 Marans entered.

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